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Motorized tours, unlike carriage tours, have virtually unrestricted access to Charleston's Historic District. Most bus tours (minibus tours, that is--large buses aren't allowed on the narrow streets of Charleston) include The Battery area and the City Market, cover several miles of the Historic District, and show vistors many of the homes and churches for which the city is famous. With that, the similarity of Talk of the Towne to other motorized tours ends.

It's really about the guide. Anyone can pass a simple test and get a job giving tours of Historic Charleston, but not anyone can work for Talk of the Towne. Most tours are narrated by the owner of the business, who brings 25 years experience to the task, and any substitutes are selected from the finest guides in Charleston. So expect a tour that's not only accurate but imbued with insight, intelligence, and experience.
It's also about the houses. Our morning two-hour tours include a visit to the Edmondston-Alston House, the residence of one of the wealthiest plantation families.

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On every tour, we'll inform your about the recent salvage of the Confederate Submarine Hunley from Charleston Harbor, show you locations from the films The Patriot and Cold Mountain, and feature these highlights (and more):

The Battery College of Charleston Civil War sites Original Walled City
Rainbow Row Harbor of History Hunley replica Old Citadel
Cobblestone Streets Colonial Lake Dozens of churches African-American History
Earthquake bolts Beautiful gardens Hundreds of houses Charleston ghosts

Talk of the Towne's Historic City Tour lasts 75-90 minutes; two-hour tours include a visit to a house museum.

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